COgnitive Behavioural Therapy for Dissociative (Non-Epileptic) Seizures

A Randomised Controlled Trial

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We plan to invite about 500 adult patients with dissociative seizures (but without current epilepsy) to take part in our study. We plan to include patients who have been given their diagnosis by a neurologist or epilepsy specialist.


To enter into the study, you need to be attending a centre where the study is taking place and you need to be able to fulfil all of these criteria:  


1. be aged 18yrs or over and have a confirmed diagnosis of dissociative seizures


2. be able to complete seizure diaries and questionnaires


3. be willing to complete seizure diaries and undergo psychiatric assessment 3 months after diagnosis


4. have no documented history of intellectual disabilities


5. be able  to give written informed consent.


6. Not had an epileptic seizure in the previous 12 months


7. Not have a formal diagnosis of drug or alcohol dependence

Who can participate in the CODES trial?