COgnitive Behavioural Therapy for Dissociative (Non-Epileptic) Seizures

A Randomised Controlled Trial

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CODES Results


Information sheet about the results for participants: HERE


This is a leaflet for all the people who took part in the trial outlining our results.


There is a twitter thread discussing the results of the trial by one of the co-investigators - Professor Jon Stone HERE



We would also like to share our recent publications relating to the study:


Study protocol: 


Statistical and economic analysis plan:


Characteristics of CODES baseline sample seen by neurologists:


Characteristics of CODES baseline sample seen by psychiatrists and randomised in to the trial:


Predicting first attendance at psychiatry appointments:


Qualitative studies:

Psychiatrists views:


Psychotherapists views;


Neurologists views:


Participants views:


Study looking at the performance of the PHQ-9 versus interview for depression in CODES :


HTA report: 





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The Main results of the CODES trial were published in May 2020 in Lancet Psychiatry


Main results paper:

This video made in collaboration with Science Animated, gives a brief summary of the CODES trial results.