COgnitive Behavioural Therapy for Dissociative (Non-Epileptic) Seizures

A Randomised Controlled Trial

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CODES Results


Information sheet about the results for participants: HERE


This is a leaflet for all the people who took part in the trial outlining our results. We will hope to mail out a paper copy after the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic are lifted sufficiently. Currently we cannot access all our materials at work. We are sorry for the delay in posting this out but this is outside our control.



There is a twitter thread discussing the results of the trial by one of the co-investigators - Professor Jon Stone HERE



We would also like to share our recent publications relating to important aspects of the study:


Study protocol: 


Statistical and economic analysis plan:


Characteristics of CODES baseline sample seen by neurologists:


Characteristics of CODES baseline sample seen by psychiatrists and randomised in to the trial:


Predicting first attendance at psychiatry appointments:


Qualitative studies:

Psychiatrists views:


Psychotherapists views;


Neurologists views:


Participants views:





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The Main results of the CODES trial were published in May 2020 in Lancet Psychiatry


Main results paper: