COgnitive Behavioural Therapy for Dissociative (Non-Epileptic) Seizures

A Randomised Controlled Trial

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How common are dissociative seizures?


Dissociative seizures are not that rare, even though most people have never heard of them.  


About 1 in 8 people newly referred to specialist epilepsy clinics turn out to have dissociative seizures. In the general populations around 2 or 3 people in every 10,000 have dissociative seizures.


This means that in a typical town with a population of about 300,000 (such as Cardiff, Brighton, Doncaster, or the London Borough of Lambeth) there will be about 60 to 90 people who have dissociative seizures.


Of all the people who come into hospital with attacks that don’t settle quickly, nearly half turn out to have dissociative seizures.











Dissociative Seizures

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Dissociative Seizures